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What is LOVETC?

It’s simply a group of individuals that desire to Love the people and community of Traverse City the way Jesus did.  No strings attached, not underlying agenda, just love.


How do we do it?  Two basic approaches.

One, we will host a handful of group events designed to love our city and the people.  We will promote these events as they approach both here and on our Facebook Page.
Two, the individual challenges.
We will be asking people to take the 12-month LOVETC CHALLENGE. Each month will offer a different love challenge.  They will not be difficult, and will not seem like a big deal by themselves.  However, a group of people committed to LOVETC all participating will begin to have an impact.

How do I join the LOVETC CHALLENGE?

It’s simple, email us at and give us your info.  We will mail you a car decal and any other information you may need.  Then, simply check back in here or on our Facebook page to stay up to date on the group events and the individual challenges.
Share your stories! We would love to hear from you some of the stories of what happens when we start to LOVETC.  Stop by our Facebook Page and share.

LOVE-TC Challenge!

November 2018

This month we challenge you to say “Thank You”

Say “Thank You” to those who work so hard for us. So, find a way to thank the Police officers, Firemen, and Road Construction workers.

Saturday, October 13

Freedom Builders partnership.

We will be partnering with Freedom Builders to put a new roof on a home.  If you are interested, please email us at